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ENOUGH!!! Black Maternal Health Week during COVID-19

Posted by kelleplace on April 18, 2020 at 11:50 PM

Let's just get this straight within this very first sentence. I was born to birth. I had nine of my own. I keep other people children. I homeschool my children and even teach swimming classes to tiny ones on Saturday mornings. So yeah..... there's no way anyone can take my title any go left field with it. RIGHT??? Okay. So as I was saying. What I LOATHE is the challenge of accepting that some of my moms do not realize how bad thier maternal care is or was. 

The conversation now is 'ENOUGH! - Let's communicate & save some lives. (well, that's what I just said.)

The overall maternal mortality rate in the United States rose sharply over the past three decades, and Black women are 3-4 times more likely to die in childbirth than their white counterparts.

As we navigate these COVID-19  days, everyone should be more mindful right? And in the black community, the mindset  should go deeper.  Grandma's should be alert. So should the neighborhood pastor. And let's not forget the local corner store owner. While i'm not dismissing the two primary participants,. I wanted to show how everyone is realative. But yes, I'll include the parent now too in the equation. 

This COVID-19 pandemic could be horrific for black moms  and babies if not handled effecfectively by all parties involved.  Expectant moms need to be listened to and supported. All pregnancies are not the same. They should not be treated the same. Leave the cookie cutter approach for her postpartum gifts.

This is where her village needs to step in.  Everyone is needed to save black moms and babies. She MAY not be aware of it, BUT she NEEDS a bunch of different voices to stand up against maternal injustice from many angles. Maternal injustice is not only a political issue, it is a cultural and spiritual issue as well. She needs voices to vote, write letters, and speak out against health disparities so that all women have access to equatable care when needed.  So while she's getting herself together, come through for all black moms- please.

Last week was Black Maternal Health Week. Representative Alma Adams office  participated in various activities. Thier advocacy included interviews, editorials, radio appearances, and a Women’s Symposium focused on Black Maternal Health during COVID-19.




April 9: Advisory: Rep. Adams Hosts Rescheduled Women’s Symposium on Thursday, April 16


April 9: LA Sentinel: Congresswoman Adams Discusses Maternal Mortality Rates and the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020


April 10: R&D in the QC: Ep097 – Congresswoman Alma Adams and Congressman Dan Bishop discuss PPP


April 11: Twitter: Kicking off #BlackMaternalHealthWeek


April 13: Rep. Alma Adams & Sen. Kamala Harris Introduce Black Maternal Health Week Resolution


April 13: ESSENCE: Black Maternal Health Week: Black Women On The Front Lines Discuss Sisterhood, Mission


April 13: Harris, 22 Senators Reintroduce Resolution Designating April 11-17 as Black Maternal Health Week


April 13: Planned Parenthood Action: Why the Fight for Black Mamas Is a Public Health Imperative


April 13: Black Maternal Health Week: Planned Parenthood Calls on Congress to Endorse The Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020


April 13: Power to Decide: Supporting Black Mothers


April 14: CNN: The US has the highest maternal death rate of any developed nation. California is trying to do something about that


April 14: SAC Cultural Hub: WERE YOU THERE? Black Women and the Maternal Mortality Crisis Roundtable Stories from the Community


April 14: Center for American Progress: Community-Based Doulas and Midwives Key to Addressing the U.S. Maternal Health Crisis


April 14: ESSENCE: We Can’t Let Up The Fight To End The Black Maternal Health Crisis, Especially Right Now


April 15: ESSENCE: Black Maternal Health Matters! 5 Issues Facing Black Mothers Today


April 15: WBTV News 3 at 5PM


April 15: News of Davidson Representative Alma Adams and Senator Kamala Harris Introduce Black Maternal Health Week Resolution


April 16: Today: Senators Booker, Harris and Rep. Underwood join Rep. Adams for Women’s Symposium


April 16: Charlotte Talks: The Black Maternal Health Crisis


April 16: QCity Metro: Opinion | We can’t afford to lose more Black moms during childbirth


April 16: Video: Rep. Adams Holds Successful Women's Symposium


April 16: Charlotte Post: Black maternal health matters more than ever


April 16: @SenKamalaHarris on Twitter


April 17: Rep. Alma Adams Urges Adoption of the Kira Johnson Act


April 17: LA Sentinel: Video: Rep. Adams’ Women’s Symposium on Maternal Health Breaks Attendance Record


April 17: The Root: Thanks to Black Women, There's More Political Interest In Fixing Black Maternal Care Than Ever Before


April 18: Queen City Nerve: Alma Adams Pushes Bill in Support of Black Maternal Health


Adams co-founded the Black Maternal Health Caucus in 2019 and co-led the introduction of the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020 in March. Over 2000 people, including Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris and Rep. Lauren Underwood, participated in her Women’s Symposium on Black Maternal Health During COVID-19, held Thursday on Zoom (video).

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