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The Pink Grasshopper
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TRAIN TO BE A DOULA with me this month!

Click here for our next doula certification, which is December 18-20. 9a -2 pm each day. More details HERE!

This is Noah - Elohim, our ninth child. Right after his delivery, he forgot to breathe. So my doula quickly dipped his butt in cool water. He's been wide open ever since then. Doulas are worth every cent!  

Hi I'm Jabela. Co-owner, doula, and head trainer. I'm also a breastfeeding advocate, mother of nine. (we lost one in 2005 to AIH at 11 years old.) wife, homeschooler, and urban horticulturist.

Favorite Perk Service:  Belly Casting

Favorite Quote: "To go fast go alone.To go far go with good company."

Education: Johnson and Wales University

I became a birth worker after having nine different  birthing experiences, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. 

More importantly, I noticed how different mine were. Like I said before, each of my birth stories were different. 

I got induced with my first child. I went to most appointments with my mom once I admitted that I was indeed pregnant in my third trimester. She allowed me to get an epidural. I left the hospital with stitches and a healthy baby boy. 

Mya. I had her on the floor of my college apartment floor. I didn't go to any appointments.I had no insurance, No desire and no clue that I needed to go. Until I finished my last exam and jumped in the back seat of my colleague's convertible. I made it to my second floor apartments. Took a  steamy hot bath and crawled to my bed room. Mya came out immediately. By the time the ambulance arrived, my roommates had no finger nails. I just hand baby girl over to the EMS and walked down stairs to the ambulance for the ride over to the hospital. 

Then JC. I worked all day long because I had to get away from her dad.  That paycheck could not come fast enough. I literally got off work at 7pm, Showered and went to bed around 11 that night. Got up in pain around 4am. dragged myself inside the car and drove 10 miles to the ER double doors. I opened the car door and colasped  . JC was effacing in the elevator.Then Dee. She was running out of fluids. They wanted to induce her. I went along with it. When she came out, she was so tiny. But was never given steroids.    Those were the wild births. Once I settled down and found some act right as folks say the last four births were fully supported, empowered and safe because  I wasn't alone, unsupported, or uneducated. their dad got me a doula. She helped me become The Pink Grasshoppper

 In closing people hire doulas for so many reasons but in the end no research has ever proven that they are NOT a good investment in your birth story. 

How else can I serve you?  Belly casting, Family & Friend CPR certified child care*, Big sibling gifts, maternity photos, Welcome to the World Ceremony, breast milk making cookies, nursing pads, nursing covers, encapsulation, newborn salve for skin care, diaper cakes, hospital birthing gowns, in home - after delivery meal prep and equipment rental.  Services are added on a regular basis, as we do 3rd party contracts as needed.