The Pink Grasshopper-Doula Services


The Pink Grasshopper-
Doula Services
 by Jabela

Any woman who has had a baby can tell you, giving birth is one time when extra support can be a life-changer. That’s where doulas come in. Unlike midwives, doulas are not medical professionals and don’t physically* deliver babies. 

However, as a mother of nine (yes 9) and a birth coach of 9 babies since 2009, I bet I can help you too! 

I am your full service holistic birthing and mothering coach!

Not only am I a doula, I also encapsulate, coach over the phone, offer various pregnancy, birthing resources, for pre and post birth. From the minute you learn that you are pregnant, you should call me. It's the difference between a regular pregnancy and a peaceful,enjoyable, holistic experience.

Thank You for stopping in.I look forward to serving you!

- Mrs Jabela