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The Pink Grasshopper
-Doula  and
 Training  Services

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The Pink Grasshopper-
Doula Services
 by Jabela

Any woman who has had a baby can tell you, giving birth is one time when extra support can be a life-changer. That’s where doulas come in. Unlike midwives, doulas are not always medically trained professionals.

However, as a mother of nine (yes 9) and a birth coach of 129 babies since 2009, I am sure that I can help you with the wisdom of my ancestors and the gift of previous personal experiences. 

I am your full service holistic doula and trainer! I will listen to you. Offer you suggestions, advocate for you in and out of the labor room. I will help you find your voice, help your prepare your  mind body and spirit for delivery, and more! 

Not only am I a doula, I also grow food. So if you decide to purchase my teas, salves, fresh juices, or other blends, you can trust that you are feeding you and your baby the best possible nutrients.


Others services available:  

Fertility Regimens -   We offer various plant based  and other natural ways to help you get pregnant.

Encapsulation of your placenta, 

Coaching over the phone,

Local Pregnancy/Birth --(equipment & clothing rentals)

Delivery Childcare

Welcome To The World Ceremony 

Doula Certification* -  

 From the minute you learn that you are pregnant, you should call me. It's the difference between a regular pregnancy and a peaceful, enjoyable, holistic & EMPOWERED experience.

Thank you for stopping in. I look forward to serving you!

- Mrs Jabela  


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Hello, It's Jabela, 

I'm here for you. Making your pregnancy empowered and safe is my passion. Having fun during the journey is a bonus* Many times it begins with listening to you and then sharing what I know. Right now, saving black moms are on the fore front. There is an attack on their lives. I urge you to support those that are on the front line fight for the lives of this demographic.  Learn more about the Momnibus here. And consider joining Momsrising today.  Stay Bless and #PassTheMomnibus !

There's just something about seeing things grow, about seeing them sprout up from seemingly nowhere at all -- it's as close to magic as love is. BIRTH is pretty close to it, anyway.

Jabela, founder, the Pink Grasshopper

                "What Makes Us Different?"

We sere and advocate for you in the birthing walls , community and on Capitol Hill, We  know the birthing climate for moms of color can be dangerous. We know how to keep you informed as well as confident while enjoying your birth. 

Another way we are different is our holistic approach. We grow food, and herbs for our families and clients to enjoy.